Sunday, June 1, 2014

Masterpiece Academy Question & Archive

  • Have you grown/changed through this process?  How?  Have you improved your reading/writing/thinking skills?  How?
I have grown so much throughout the two years I took Dr. Preston's Open Source Learning class. They were both different English classes but the same in the way they were taught. The class was taught in such a way that you truly did feel you had a voice. I got the chance to collaborate with my fellow classmates and Dr. Preston and was able to get very far. 

I am very grateful I had the opportunity to have gotten the chance to take the class once again as a senior. The class benefit my future and I a lot. I wasn't a part of a class that was creating a scrapbook and wasting  their time. I was able to get all my goals straight as were others in my class. I'm not going to lie, when I first stepped into this class i panicked. I didn't think i would be able to make it through. In the end i'm proud of all that was accomplished.

During the first semester we were assigned to write a ten page research paper on racism. I learned so much. I realized there's more racism surrounding us than we ever take the time to realize. Everywhere we look, racism is being demonstrated and nobody is doing anything about it. 

I've improved my thinking skills by a lot. Teachers would never allow students to really think for themselves. They never put faith in us. They always assumed we were just teenagers incapable of doing great things. Only if they could see us now. We've all succeeded in one way or another. Some are booking coaches, writers, chefs, music producers, or in my case majoring in the Ag department. We all want to become successful and with the help of Dr. Preston have gotten very far. 

I haven't quite completed my journey yet, but will start working towards it even more during the summer while I am on vacation. Then I will commence school, figure out what exactly I want to do in the Ag department, and hopefully pursue my career after a few years. 

I am very proud of what everyone has achieved in Preston's class. Their masterpieces were one of a kind. We were all able to tell how passionate each student was on their masterpiece. Senior year in this class has been memorable and a lot more was accomplished than expected.

An example of what was seen in the presentations given the last few weeks would be Paige Logan's passion for crafts. She loved being creative. She made a few vintage frames to hold some of her captured senior memories. Elizabeth and Billy collaborated and made a Prezi showing a few clips of them interviewing experts and practicing their coaching skills. Jacob cooked food for the class which was so good! After his internship he was able to get a job at the Far Western Tavern. I could keep going, but you just had to be there and be a part of all the great projects. 

Friday, April 11, 2014

Smart/ Intelligence Notes

*Being bullied/ called names
*Lack of thinking flow
*Never a bad thing to be smart
*Everyone is smart in a different way
*7 different types of intelligence
*Knowledge of facts
*Make the system work for you
*Alfred Binet:where I.Q comes from
    -Don't use to measure intelligence
    -Don't use to compare group of people
*Eugenics: created by Francis Galtin
*Critical thinking

The Crossroads Between Should and Must Notes

*Medium: channel of communication
*"The medium is the message"
*Media: Buffet of channels
*Medium is single for media
*Pictures help creativity/hand crafted (personal)
    -All that has to do with feedback tone
*Tone: personal ;human
*Appealing to two things:
   -Simple proposition
   -Expected different things as a kid
*"Our job= our career= our calling" (personal touch)
*If MUST is so great, why not choose it?

*Transmitter<--noise, channel (medium), message--> Receiver.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Preview of Coming Attractions

My group and I thought of some ideas we thought would be interesting to include in the final presentations to make them a little more entertaining and keep peoples attention. The following list includes some of our ideas:
  • Having bloopers throughout the video to keep peoples attention.
  • Provide a draft listing your preparation of your masterpiece.
  • Name, or include, a few experts from your masterpiece.
  • Explain your progress.
  • Overall, make it unique and have FUN!


Where am I in relation to the crossroads? Well that is a tough question. I would have to say that I am still stuck in between listing all the pros and cons of each path. Without hesitation on a regular day I would most likely select the 'should' path just because it is always the safest. It is time I learn to take risks and try and explore the path of 'must'. I do not want to look back in life and reminisce all the times filled with disappointment because I was always afraid to try something new.

I must always do what I know is right and not just let it pass by and wait for a second opportunity to pass by. I want to say I see myself headed down the 'must' path because I am doing  anything possible to fulfill my dreams and pursue my career in agribusiness. It is difficult at times because it is once again the time of year when I become very busy with the animals I raise to take to fair, but I try my hardest to stay on track.

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